Pixel LED celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of The Father of the Nation, who was a great advocate of peace and truth. A true believer of non-violence as a way of life, the only way to resolve conflicts. Paying tribute to the heroic leader who sh

best indoor led display in indiapixel led is leader in manufacturing different types of indoor led display of high quality at best attractive prices. indoor led display is used in different display location in indoor environments.we successfully in

led display for news studiowe are leader in installing different types of led display in news rooms or tv studio. in these types of studio fine small pixel display is used to display different types of video and animation and moving text. we success

Digital Led Screen P08 Outdoor Led Display Screen Pixel Led Pvt Ltd is a leader in the design, production, distribution andservice of digital displays, video walls and visualization products in India.Pixel Led has gained significant market shar

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