Outdoor Advertising Led ScreenPixel Led, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Advertising Led Display Screen in Delhi. With a team of experts we will provide complete installation package. All kinds of video displays system includes P-10 led vi

How to select led screen (pixel pitch ) ?Selecting an LED Display should be driven by the objectives you need to meet by purchasing an LED Video Screen.Every LED display screen with different pitch are different, so it's important to choose the r

Installation of Outdoor Led Video Wall at HONDA MOTORS & SCOOTERS Ltd. , Tapukara Industrial Area, Alwar, Rajasthan.We have recently installed Industrial safety & environment policy display system. This system features p-10 led video wall, ethernet

pixel led is manufacturing and installing led display system for stadiums. now a day every sports stadium requires differents types of digital display which can be used to advertise differents brands on screens. and some types of display is also use

BUS DESTINATION DISPLAY SYSTEMPixel Led has the most extensive range of different bus destination display system and route display system.With an in-house production team, Our approach has been always to develop and deliver in a very short time t

Outdoor Video Walls with high resolution images, animation and text is certainly a powerful medium for advertising. For many years now we have seen LED video walls when out and about used by different companies to grab our attention and help them sel

pixel led has very high reputation in providing outdoor led screens to different sector. We have highly skillful engineering team to manufacture high standard products for end user clients on very affordable prices . in modern advertising world outd

Time & Temperature Led Display Boards Pixel Led is a leading manufacturers of led display, advertisement led display screens, time & temperature display boards in Delhi NCR. With an efficient team of engineers and service associates, we supply to

HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPLAY BOARD Pixel Led, a leading led display manufacturer of all kind of industrial display includes display board of hazardous waste, led display board for air pollutant. With an efficient team of engineers, we provide complete s

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